Bosnia & Herzegovina

Visit Krajina

Una National Park is the main attraction of the Bosanska Krajina region, known for its rivers, Una, Sana and Vrbas.

The crown of the Una National Park is the waterfall Strbacki Buk at the town of Martin Brod.

The town of Bihac is located north of the Una National Park and serves as a starting point for excursions, for example to Cazin and the medieval castle – Ostrozac, one of the few medieval castles in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

For the adventurous souls rafting on the river Una is an unforgettable experience. There are 3 different levels; first is Strbacki Buk – Lohovo, the most attractive and hardest leg. The second is Kostela – Grmusa, perfect for meandering down the river and swimming. And the third is Kostela – Bosanska Krupa, recommended as a full day rafting experience.