Bosnia & Herzegovina

Visit Konjic, Blagaj & Pocitelj

The town of Konjic is in the valley of the Neretva river and is surrounded by the mountains of Bjelasnica and Prenj.

The main landmark of the town is the Old Bridge built by the Ottomans and destroyed by the Germans in 1945 and was rebuilt in 2009. Rafting is a major touristic activity in this area.

Blagaj is situated at the source of Buna river and where a historical Tekke (Dervish house) is located and is considered as national monument. A lunch with a view can be arranged in the traditional restaurant on the river Buna.

A short drive away from Blagaj is the stone town of Pocitelj, a UNESCO protected town. The beauty of this town is in its amazing architecture – a mix of Dalmatian and Mediterranean during the Ottoman rule. A visit to Shishman Ibrahim Pasha Mosque and the old Madrassa are a must. Today, this little town hosts the arts colony, gathering artists and painters from all over the country.