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Discover the most beautiful hidden gems of Slovenian tourism and indulge in an adventure of the most authentic experiences and products.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Craggily beautiful Bosnia and Hercegovina is most intriguing for its East-meets-West atmosphere born of blended Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian histories. There are attractions focused on the Civil war of 1990s, but today, visitors will likely remember the country for its deep, unassuming human warmth, its beautiful mountainscapes and its numerous medieval castle ruins.

Central Europe

At once natural and refined, folksy and cultured: the combination of mountain rusticity with old-world style captivates the travellers in Central Europe.


In most of the English-speaking, western world, the countries commonly included in the Balkan region are: Albania · Bosnia and Herzegovina · Bulgaria · Croatia · Greece · Macedonia · Serbia · Montenegro · Kosovo · Turkey · Slovenia. With its rich historic events and evolution, Balkan countries have lots of natural beauties and historic building to show.